31.10.2023: StroofKOLLEG: 1923 - The Rhenish Separatist Movement using the Example of the Bonn Region with the Siebengebirge Mountains

The Denkmal- und Geschichtsverein Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch cordially invites you to the Stroof-Kolleg with Elmar Scheuren on 31 October at 7.30 pm. The topic is:

"1923 - The Rhenish separatist movement using the example of the Bonn region with the Siebengebirge".

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the so-called "Battle of Aegidienberg". It is the story of an impressive mobilisation, an armed resistance of the population against threatening predatory attacks by putschists.

The former director of the Siebengebirgsmuseum Königswinter, Elmar Scheuren, explains how this came about and what influence the events around the little village in the Siebengebirge were to have on the propaganda of the National Socialists and which monuments from the 1930s still bear witness to the events today.

The years after the First World War were marked by turmoil and hardship. High, unfulfilled reparation claims by the victorious powers of the First World War led to the occupation of the Ruhr region by French and Belgian troops, and inflation reached unimaginable proportions. Large parts of the population had to fear for their possessions or were even threatened with destitution.

In the Rhineland, the idea of a "Rhenish Republic" fell on fertile ground and gained support across the party spectrum. There was great distrust in this country of the Prussian government in faraway Berlin. As early as 1919, Hans Adam Dorten had proclaimed a "Rhenish Republic" in Wiesbaden, which was under French occupation, but this was to last only a few days.

Four years later, a new attempt: putschists again proclaimed the "Rhenish Republic". This time Koblenz was to become the seat of government. But there was a lack of equipment for the "troops" and of supplies. Violent confiscations from the population were the reason why the rebels lost the people's sympathy.

In November 1923, the men of the "Rang Brigade", led by a Bonn bricklayer named Peter Rang, headed north and finally took up quarters in the luxuriously furnished Bad Honnef Kurhaus. But their reputation had preceded them; there had already been attacks on them in Unkel and Rheinbreitbach.

In Aegidienberg and in other high-altitude towns of Bad Honnef, it was decided to call up a citizens' militia to protect the population from the tribulations of the "separatists". Finally, on 15 and 16 November 1923, fighting broke out near Aegidienberg, resulting in 16 deaths and many injured.

To round off the evening, we would like to invite you to the already obligatory glass of wine.

When: Tuesday, 31.10.2023

Time: 7:30 pm

Where: Bürgermeister-Stroof-Haus, Adelheidisstraße 3, 53225 Bonn

Free admission, donations welcome.


Photo credits:

Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz, fonds 710 number 3806

Separatist movement in Koblenz, proclamation of the "Rhenish Republic" in front of the castle after the troops from the Lower Rhine move in