The association offers a wide range of monument and history-related advice, regardless of association membership.

Illustration: The Library in the Grand Salon

The association offers, independently of an association membership, a varied monument- and history-related consulting:

  • Individual advice for people interested in history, especially assistance for pupils and students
  • Literature for everyone
  • Advice on local, parish, club or company anniversaries as well as on the preparation of commemorative publications etc.
  • Procurement of speakers for historical festive and specialist lectures
  • Guidance and support in family research (genealogy), also in areas outside the Bonn region

To this end, it maintains a specialist historical library and historical archives. The use of the library and archives as well as the use of advice and support are not bound to an association membership. They are generally free of charge, only a voluntary donation is requested.

The use should take place during the regular opening hours of the Bürgermeister-Stroof-Haus, special appointments can be arranged. Inquiries by telephone or by e-mail, see imprint.