Inform yourself about our projects around the area "cemeteries".

Illustration: High cross tomb Heister at the cemetery St. Peter in Vilich

Figure: Grave cross for the industrialist Johann Leopold Bleibtreu (1777 to 1839) and his son Carl Heinrich (1808 to 1830) at the Protestant cemetery Holzlar (Hauptstraße, opposite Primelweg)


The association is in the process of recording Beuel's 16 cemeteries and securing and restoring the gravesites worthy of preservation.

Activities in recent years include:

  • Restoration of unique gravesites of the 19th century in Vilich: neo-Gothic high cross grave Heister (1988), grave Fuchs (1999), grave Gau-Pesch (2001/03), grave Th. Schumacher (2004)
  • Restoration of the cast-iron gravestone Bleibtreu from 1839 at the protestant cemetery in Holzlar (1988)
  • Restoration of historical grave crosses from the 15th to 18th century: in Vilich (72 pieces, 1987/88); in Küdinghoven grave crosses and grave slabs of the 17th century (1991/2006)