Inform yourself about our projects in the field of "monuments".

Illustration: Pencil arch

Pin arch in Vilich

The reconstruction of the monastery arch from 1616 in Vilich and the early baroque entrance to the monastery (2000/01) was a gift from the association to the borough of Beuel on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

On October 3, 2016, the Monument Society installed a history plaque on the Abbey Gate Arch on the occasion of its 400th anniversary. You can find a complete historical account of the Stiftspfortenhaus and the Stiftstorbogen written by C.J. Bachem by clicking on the button below.

Roman monument on the Rhine dam

The "Roman Monument" on the Rhine embankment near Gensem/Schwarzrheindorf was erected by the association in 1989 for the 2000th anniversary of Bonn and Beuel.

The Bonn stonemasons' guild was also involved. It stands opposite Bonn's Roman camp, on the spot where Rhine crossings took place from prehistoric times until the late Middle Ages.

The statue shows the Roman general Gaius Julius Caesar, who extended the Roman Empire to the Rhine. It is intended to commemorate the founding of Bonn around 11 BC by the Romans and their subsequent 400-year presence on both sides of the Rhine.

At the same time, it symbolizes the disputes about the truthfulness of the news of bridge constructions handed down since that time; first by Caesar, then around 11 B.C. by the Roman commander Drusus "between Bonn/BONNA and Gensem/GESONIA".

Illustration: Roman monument

Figure: Sculpture "Chord 1

Monument on the Finkenberg

As a "historical reminder", the association erected the monumental sculpture "Akkord 1" by Reinhard G. Puch on the Finkenberg in 2007.

Wayside crosses

Rescue of the wooden wayside crosses of Geislar 1750 (2003) and Holtorf 1763/1854 (2007) as well as restoration of stone wayside crosses in all parts of the village.

Here you can find extensive but incomplete lists of wayside crosses and grave crosses (as pdf-file) in Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine:

Illustration: Wayside cross at the Wolfsburg

Illustration: High water mark

High-water marks

To commemorate the millennium flood of 1784, the association installed bronze plaques throughout the district of Beuel, impressively marking the flood level at the time. The plaques were cast by the artist Friedemann Sander. This action was accompanied by an informative exhibition in the Stroof House.