Inform yourself about our projects around the cultural landscapes Bonn Rechtsrheinisch.

Illustration: View Foveux House 1971

Illustration: View Foveux House 2011

Image: View Foveux House 2014

Formation of a "historical memorial landscape" on Ennert and Holtorfer Hardt

The association is committed to the protection, restoration and conservation of prehistoric and medieval archaeological monuments and modern architectural monuments.

This includes the former lignite mining and alum production: former roads, structural remains, pits and hollows, lorry routes, waterways (underground canal, ponds, etc.), dumps. A current project is the creation of a landscape cadastre.


Exposure of the historic viewpoints

...on the Ennert, the Oberkasseler heights and the Finkenberg (panoramic views).

Historical view from the Foveaux-Häuschen in the Ennert above Ramersdorf to the Kommende and Drachenfels in 1971 and condition in 2011. Mainly due to the efforts of the citizens' association Küdinghoven a (narrow) line of sight to the Drachenfels has been cleared again (lower photo).



Safeguarding and restoration of the "historic Finkenberg": relics of the former quarry activity (buildings) and viticulture (terraces) [see also].

Reconstruction of the geological trail.

Securing the castle ruins: Finkenberg in Limperich (ruined buildings, outer castle walls) and Steinerhäuschen in Oberkassel (foundation walls).


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