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Illustration: Rear side of Mehlemsches Haus".

Mehlem's house

The rescue and restoration of the baroque patrician house Mehlem from 1750 in Beuel (1975/79) was the reason for the foundation of the association. The association has taken over a sponsorship of Haus Mehlem.

The "bridge master" of Combahn, Johannes Paul Mehlem, as operator of the Gierponte (flying bridge) involved in the Bonner Fährgerechtsame, probably built this magnificent new building together with his wife Elisabeth Stammels in 1785 in place of his property destroyed by the flood of 1784. According to other opinions, it was built between 1750 and 1770 and survived the flood.

The Mehlem family lived in the house until 1852, after which it had several owners and tenants until the city of Bonn bought it in 1917 and continued to use it as a tenement. The Monument Association, founded on December 15, 1975, succeeded in saving this building, which was threatened with demolition. On 27 August 1979, after thorough renovation and restoration, it was handed over to the city of Bonn as a music school and concert venue. It is listed as a historical monument.

Since 1979, the usual and necessary maintenance measures have largely been neglected, and considerable damage has occurred that is unlikely to be repaired at all.

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