On this page you will find further information on the synagogue from the Denkmal- und Geschichtsverein Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch e.V. (Bonn Historical Monument and History Society).


The Jewish community in Beuel since the early 19th century:
In 1854 the Jews of Beuel were given the status of a special community within the Bonn synagogue community; in 1875 the synagogue association with Bonn was dissolved.

Municipality size:
around 1815: 120 (1828)
c. 1880: 182 (1885)
1932: 130
2006: -

Prayer House / Synagogue:

Around 1808, a prayer house is mentioned. In the first half of the 19th century and in 1903, synagogues were built on the same property. In 1938, the building was destroyed (the above information is all according to Reuter 2007).

"In the area of today's Siegfried-Leopold-Straße/ Friedrich-Friesen-Straße is the synagogue square. A prayer house was first mentioned at this location around 1800, which was demolished in the first half of the 19th century and replaced by a synagogue. In 1903, a new synagogue was built on the same site because the old one had become too small.

In the Progrom Night on 9 November 1938, the synagogue was destroyed by local SS members and the Jews living in Bonn were subsequently deported. Today, a memorial with bricks of the building is located at the former site of the synagogue.

In addition, since 2002, so-called Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) have been laid in Beuel with the names of Jews who lived in Beuel and were murdered by the National Socialists. The action has since been extended to the whole of Bonn." (leben-in-beuel.de)

Source: Kuladig