02.12.2023: Reference to reading

Advent reading for adults who are young at heart with Claudia Knöfel 

When: Saturday, 02.12.2023, starting at 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00 respectively

Where: St Joseph and St Paul's Catholic Public Library, An St. Josef 19 B, 53225 Bonn (Beuel-Zentrum)

Look forward to short Advent stories and tales about the Christmas angel Alexis, why he is responsible for delivering presents in the Rhineland, and the question of whether eggnog is allowed in Christmas heaven or what the heavenly restaurant "Zum Fegefeuer" is all about.

Oh yes, and if you want to know what the best doping agent for reindeer is and many other heavenly secrets, then you've come to the right place on this day!

... and of course we also try the eggnog from Christmas heaven;-)

3 p.m. Part 1: "The protagonists"

St Nicholas of Myra, the gifted confectioner Krummziebel Josef and Billy Koslowsky are just three of the many actors who, together with Alexis, put on the Christmas party - including baking biscuits!

4 pm Part 2: "Heaven and hell"

It is the eternal battle between good and evil and angels and devils. It is usually fought in the pub "Zum Fegefeuer", which is located on the great stairway to heaven and connects heaven and hell. Sometimes things get heated here!

Part 3: "Prohibition in Christmas heaven"

There is actually a strict ban on alcohol in Christmas heaven. You can find out what the reindeer, who are the favourites of the Bishop of Myra, have to do with this in the last part of the reading.


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