Petition to the Lord Mayor about the Vilich "village lime tree

Petition to the Lord Mayor about the Vilich "village lime tree

Our association presented a petition to the Lord Mayor on 4 February during her visit to St Peter's in Vilich.

Their goal, an immediate replacement planting for the Vilich "village lime tree", looks like a trifle, but is in fact an urban development essential. In Vilich, the most "historic" village on the right side of the Rhine, there is an architectural disaster situation in the listed centre: the Düsterwald village inn, dating from the early 18th century, was demolished a long time ago and then replaced by a new building that goes beyond all the standards of this half-timbered village, immediately "to the right" of the Mayor Stroof House.

Subsequently, although a design bylaw was passed for the site, concealing this eyesore remained an ongoing task. An attempt was made to solve this by planting a tree. After the magnificent rowan tree had to be felled (due to a fungal disease) in January last year, Vilich is waiting for a replacement planting, which in turn, of course, needs years to mature into a "village splendour".

Incomprehensibly, such replanting did not take place last year, and now it is being refused again, saying that it would not be on the priority list until "next year" at the earliest. Our monument association is fighting against this. The importance of this concern was worth a petition directly to the mayor! - If, contrary to expectations, the refusal continues, our association is determined to take the replacement planting into its own hands.

Petition letter to Katja Dörner as pdf