Monument board confirmed in office

Monument board confirmed in office

At their recent annual general meeting on 25 April 2023, the association members re-elected the previous - seven-member - board, this one with a few variations.

Carl J. Bachem remains the chairman. However, he handed over the office of managing director to Bernd Müller, the previous webmaster of the association.

The office of Vice Chair, previously held by Angela Neuhaus, is now held by Claudia Knöfel.

Jochen von Thülen, who did not stand for re-election, was replaced on the board by the association's librarian, Carola Nathan.

The other offices remained unchanged.

Carl Jakob Bachem, Chairman - Claudia Knöfel, Vice-Chairman - Johannes Junglas, Treasurer - Bernd Müller, Managing Director - Carola Nathan - Angela Neuhaus - Dorothee Norbisrath