Further cooperation with the children of the Adelheidis School

Our future always belongs to the youth. That is why they should be encouraged wherever possible.

We do this, for example, by spending two mornings this week trying to bring the history of Vilich and the life and death of Saint Adelheid closer to pupils of the Vilich Adelheidis School.

On Monday, 18.09.2023 and Wednesday, 20.09.2023, the children not only got to know our house under our guidance, but also the collegiate buildings, the collegiate church (lectures by Pastor Dörr), and Lede Castle (guided tour by Dorle Norbisrath), where the children were personally welcomed by the lord of the castle.

Many thanks to all who helped, including our active club member Christina Keller, who provided drinks for the thirsty children.

The cooperation between the school (special needs teacher Mrs Hilgers) and our house under the leadership of Mrs Norbisrath is to be continued and next brought to life with a torch exhibition in our premises, which will be curated by Monika Mai.

Picture credits: Pastoral care area "An Rhein und Sieg" (Rhine and Sieg)