Summer ramble through the Härle Park Arboretum

Summer ramble through the Arboretum Park Härle in Beuel-Oberkassel - A "thank you evening" for the active members of the association

In bright sunshine, the volunteers of the Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch Monument and History Society explored the artfully but naturally designed gardens of the Park Härle arboretum in Beuel-Oberkassel and listened to the explanations of the technical director of the facility, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Dreisvogt.

More than one hundred and fifty year old trees in the lower part of the park provided cool shade.

In 1870, the former director of the Rheinische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (Rhenish Railway Company) Franz Carl Rennen had created a summer residence for himself on a plot of land on a slope in Oberkassel and planted, among other things, a redwood tree and a cedar.

In 1921, the lawyer Carl Härle acquired the entire estate and, with the help of a horticultural architect, extended it to the east, towards today's B42. After the owner's death in 1950, his daughters Maria and Regina Härle took over the management of the park and took intensive care of its design and planting.

Today, the non-profit foundation Arboretum Park Härle is responsible for the maintenance of the site and makes it accessible to the public.

After an extensive tour, which also included a sniff of the numerous rose plants that thrive there, the participants fortified themselves with a glass of wine and a snack on the park grounds.

A side topic was also the Steinerhäuschen archaeological site adjacent to the park, a destroyed 12th century residential tower complex whose foundation walls had been uncovered during motorway construction in the 1970s. The Monument Association has long wanted this protected archaeological monument to become part of Härle Park and thus accessible to the public.