Find of the Month June 2023

Foreign fashions

The grave of an adult woman from the middle of the 7th century was excavated in Bonn-Beuel. The deceased had an elaborate jewellery and costume outfit.

In the chest area she wore two brooches instead of the single garment clasp typical of the time. An iron disc brooch with silver and gold-coloured decoration closed one cloak. A bronze hanger made of bronze-covered leather straps with a bronze bulla, an amulet capsule and a bronze needle was attached to a bronze hanger with the same arm, which reached from the chest to the feet. Another hanger with a bag with bronze fittings and an iron knife probably hung down from the belt on the left side of the body, which was closed by a bronze buckle.

The woman wore a bronze ring with blue glass inlay on her left hand and a bronze bracelet on her arm. Bronze buckles and strap tongues prove that she had put on calf bandages as leg clothing. Particularly striking was a collar-like necklace with glass beads, shell discs, bronze pendants and a gold plate, imitating Mediterranean fashions. The two special earrings also go back to Mediterranean models. Also included were a comb and a small ceramic vessel.

Dáire Leahy

The extensive inventory of a man's grave from this cemetery is shown in the exhibition "Archaeology in the Rhineland - Immortal in Death". Two buckets from other graves are on display in the exhibition "The Life of Bodi".

Two exhibitions at the LVR-LandesMuseum in Bonn, which are currently showing important finds from the excavation area of V.-Rheindorf, are worth mentioning.Archaeology in the Rhineland. Immortal in death” (1.3.-20.8.2023)

Further information on the exhibition on the website of the Landesmuseum Bonn

Text and image source: Landesmuseum Bonn