Blue stars on the Finkenberg highly endangered!

Appeal of the Monument Association to the nature conservation authorities: Blue stars on the Finkenberg highly endangered!

These days it is once again the popular destination of hikers on the Ennert: the sky-blue carpet of flowers of the Scilla bifolia, i.e. the two-leaved bluestar or also called star hyacinth. This area is generally referred to as "the northernmost occurrence in the Rhine Valley". In fact, however, it should be seen in connection with a blue star occurrence on the Finkenberg. This is found in the low hill sections above the celebration area, the "Napoleonplatz", i.e. at the highest point of the Finkenbergstraße opposite the car park there.

As is well known, bluebuds are formally protected by the Federal Species Protection Ordinance; according to this, they may not be picked, for example. This small sub-Mediterranean bulbous plant loves fresh, nutrient-rich and humus-rich soils - which it does not necessarily find here, on the stony remnants of the original Finkenberg massif, at least not since the stone quarrying (1850-1930). It is surprising that the bluestem has survived here. All the more reason why it should be guarded and protected in this extreme place.

In fact, however, this Finkenberg occurrence has been in sharp retreat for several years. Although some parts were erroneously levelled with gravel, the main reason for the decline is the extensive, intensive overgrowth of ivy. As early as 2003, when the Ennert landscape plan was being prepared, which also affected the Finkenberg, the Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch Monument and History Society, which is also concerned with the preservation of the traditional cultural landscape, demanded that the ivy sections there be radically removed. Since then, it has repeatedly reminded people that a rescue operation is urgently needed here. (Removing the ivy does not require much effort and can also be done easily from the road).

In view of the current freshness of the blossoms, the Monument and History Society is appealing to the responsible municipal offices and not least to the Bonn-Rhein-Erft Biological Station to finally take care of this endangered plant species on the Finkenberg! After all, this is also the most northerly occurrence of bluestem in the Rhine Valley!