10.12.2023: Reference to event

The Denkmal- und Geschichtsverein Bonn Rechtsrheinisch e.V. would like to draw your attention to the following event:

On 10 December from 12 to 6 pm
The Association of Friends and Sponsors of Lede Castle e.V.
to the "Advent hustle and bustle" in the park of Lede Castle

With your Contribution of 5 Euro support the restoration of the historic gardens of Lede Castle.
Children have free admission.
Parking: There are no parking facilities around the castle.
We therefore refer you to the Park & Ride car park at the Vilich stop on tram line 66 (approx. 5 minutes' walk to Lede Castle).
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Light rail line 66 (Vilich stop), bus lines 540 or 640 (Vilich-Kloster stop)
12:00-16:30 Visit from St Nicholas / Christmas crafts for children / mouse roulette / stick bread / archery with the Siegburg archers
12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 16:00 "Carolfolk" from the Netherlands
13:00, 14:00 Irish Folk "With four hands and friends"
13:30, 15:30 Stories for children from ice and snow with Barbara Davidson
2:30 pm Stories for adults from ice and snow with Barbara Davidson
15:00, 16:30 Dance: Éclectique and Tina
17:00 Wind players of the LiKüRa guard of honour
Antiques Mordziol / Jens Brockmann: Photography / Christina Colditz: Jewellery / Kili Siefart: Ceramics / Elschners Landhonig / Watercolour painting Holger Figge / Sterntaler / Sebastian Hommen: Decoration from natural materials / La Mafwa: Hats, caps, gauntlets / Karl Scharrenbach: Hand-carved wooden mushrooms / Rosenkehlchen: Silver jewellery / Claudia Sack-Imam: Olive oil from Greece / Agnes Kunath - silver jewellery / Hennig-Rauth: Spinning time with wool products from regional sheep farming / Luz Tejada: Batik scarves and cushions / Anna Strauch: Self-forged jewellery and objects / Klaus Klaasen: Rustic wickerwork / Bea Koller-Alan: Self-sewn items / polola bags / Tina Früchte: Angels made from driftwood / Fred Kaffeerad / Birgit Wedemeyer: Knitted items /Sonja Alhäuser: Gingerbread / Elk-Design: Home accessories made from fabric

Culinary delights
Warming soup, grilled (wild) pork sausages, cakes, stollen, crêpes, Schlösser bakery: biscuits and gingerbread, fishing fraternity: smoked trout, and much more.
Saturday, 9 December 7 - 9 p.m. Singing and glowing with the LiKüRa brass band (no admission)
Information: info@burg-lede-foerdern.dewww.burglede.de