14.03.2024: Broadcasting contribution to Merten community radio

The Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch Monument and History Association as a guest in the Merten Citizens' Radio Studio

The Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch Monument and History Association presents itself on the radio, more precisely on the citizens' radio programme Studio Merten. Chairman Carl Jakob Bachem and Deputy Chairwoman Claudia Knöfel answered questions from studio manager and presenter Otto Ganser. They reported on past and current projects, which have involved quite a lot in almost fifty years. Starting with the rescue of the Mehlem House and the Mayor Stroof House, the erection of the Roman monument on the Rhine embankment in Beuel and the erection of history plaques through to numerous political initiatives to preserve monuments, the association sees itself as the guardian and preserver of Beuel's history.

The programme will be broadcast on Thursday, 14 March, from 21:04 to 22:00. As always, the Vorgebirgsmagazin via Radio Bonn/Rhein-Sieg on FM 97.8 and 104.2 as well as on other frequencies.

The latest information can also be found on the Studio Merten homepage.

Photo from left: Carl Jakob Bachem, Claudia Knöfel and Otto Ganser                                                              

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