Roman Bonn on both sides of the Rhine

UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine was also Roman for 400 years. The so-called Roman Monument on the Rhine embankment near the double church is a special reminder of this. It was erected on the occasion of Bonn's 2000th anniversary in 1989 by the Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch Monument and History Society with precisely this intention in mind. Here was the Roman ford through the Rhine, here the permanent military ferry, and here alone must also be, if at all, ... Read More

Open Monument Day on 11.09.2022

The Vilich Mayor Stroof House experienced a veritable stampede of visitors on Open Monument Day 2022 - and in the most beautiful late summer weather. The volunteers of the Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch Monument and History Society had their hands full guiding the numerous guests through the residence and official residence of the first mayor of Vilich, Leonhard Stroof (1757-1825). The new audio tour through the museum memorial was also ... Read More

Anniversary: 100 years ago, the official name "Vilich" was dropped

Anniversary: 100 years ago, the official name "Vilich" was dropped. Since then, the municipal Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine has been dominated by "Beuel". Since the Middle Ages, Vilich was the dominant village between the Sieg and the Siebengebirge, Beuel was only a small fishing and shipping village; nearby was Combahn, where the ferry station to Bonn (Gierponte) was located. (Oberkassel and Holzlar belonged to the neighbouring offices of Löwenberg and Blankenberg in the ... Read More

10 July 2022: Guided tour of the Vilich monument site

Historic Vilich is full of architectural monuments, which the Bonn-Rechtsrheinisch Monument and History Society naturally keeps a special eye on. On Sunday, 10 July 2022 at 2:30 p.m., it invites you to another tour, starting at 2:30 p.m. at the church, Adelheidisstraße 8, and ending about two hours later at the museum-like Bürgermeister-Stroof-Haus. The painter Leo Breuer exhibition can currently be seen there, ... Read More

Events in June 2022

The Monuments and History Society would like to draw attention to the following events for June 2022: Excursion > History after hours The park of Lede Castle Tuesday, 7 June 2022 - 6.00 p.m. Tour with Dr. Birgit Kulmer, art historian and "castle mistress" Introduction to the then. "The entire castle grounds are "left to nature"; therefore sturdy shoes are recommended ... Read More

Monument Society visits the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Church

"History after work" is the name of the series of events organised by the Denkmal- und Geschichtsverein Bonn-Rrh. which regularly invites visitors on the first Tuesday of the month to encounter monuments in Beuel. On the April date, about a hundred visitors came to the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Church Agias Trias (Greek for Holy Trinity) in Limperich to marvel at the ornate décor of the church and listen to the explanations of parish priest ... Read More

Visit to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral on 05.04.2022

Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Limperich Next Tuesday, 5 April 2022, the Denkmal- und Geschichtsverein Bonn-Rrh. invites you to visit the Greek Orthodox Church in Limperich, Friedrich-Bonhoeffer-Str. 2. As a Metropolitan Cathedral, it is also the governing centre of Orthodoxy in Germany, the seat of the Archbishop, Metropolitan and Exarch of Central Europe. Built in 1978 in the classical Orthodox style, this Byzantine architecture stands out from the Bonn ... Read More

Guided tour of Holy Cross Church on 05.10.2021

On 05.10.2021 at 18:00 there will be a guided tour through the Holy Cross Church in Limperich, Kreuzherrenstrasse 55, 53227 Bonn, designed by Alexander von Branca. The motto of the tour is "Concrete Brutalism" - after the tour there will be a get-together in a restaurant (to be announced). Interested parties can register by e-mail. Registration for the guided tour in ... Read More

Current events

History after work Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 6:00 p.m., Troisdorf-Müllekoven, St. Adelheidisstraße Gottfried Böhm's Church of St. Adelheid Guided tour by Rev. René Stockhausen - One hour, followed by an evening out at the Restaurant Dorfkrug, Dorfstraße 4 Free of charge, donation requested - guests welcome! The recently deceased Gottfried Böhm, 100 years old, famous mainly for his "modern" church buildings, also worked in our region. Besides the design for ... Read More

Our Mayor Stroof House is open again since the beginning of July

Protected historical and architectural monument - "House of History in Bonn on the Right Bank of the Rhine" Viewing and use for everyone. Free of charge! Regular opening: every Friday and every Sunday from 3 to 6 pm. Special appointments on request. For groups, these can also be combined with a guided tour "through Historic Vilich".

Day of the Open Monument in the Mayor Stroof House

Although the Europe-wide Open Monument Day, always on the second Sunday in September, was cancelled this year due to Corona, the Monument Association had nevertheless opened its Mayor Stroof House on this day under the official motto - sustainability: "Chance Denkmal: Erinnern. Preserve. Rethinking!". The Mayor Stroof House is a prime example of this. On this occasion, a corresponding "paper" was developed, which you can download here ... Read More

There is no traffic concept for historic Vilich

There is no traffic concept for the historic Vilich, the most "historic" place on the whole right side of the Rhine. Although a station of the S 13 to the airport and at the same time for the change into the line 66 Bonn-Siegburg is built there at present, it is missing any planning of the direct surrounding field as well as a conception for the traffic management of the local crossing. Exactly after it the ... Read More

Election test stones of the monument association for the local election

Prior to the local elections, the Monument Association had asked all ten parties running in the city district of Beuel questions about their election programs, which it called "election touchstones". All but two parties answered these meticulously. All of them also promised a closer cooperation with the Denkmalverein in all upcoming questions concerning the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage in Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine. Download letter "Wahlprüfsteine

Municipal graves of honour for the mayors of Pfingsten and Schnorrenberg and the painter Leo Breuer

At the suggestion of the Monument Association (citizens' motion), the Beuel District Council decided that the historic graves of the two early Vilich/Beuel mayors Gabriel von Pfingsten (+1855) and Ignaz Schnorrenberg (+1895) in the Vilich churchyard and the painter Leo Breuer (+1975) in the mountain cemetery in Küdinghoven be raised to the status of municipal graves of honour. This was the first step to prevent the currently planned removal of the Breuer grave. The ... Read More

Opening Postalia exhibition

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Büchel, a native of Beuel, has amassed a unique collection of historical postal items from Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine. On International Museum Day 2019, he donated them to the association in a ceremony and opened an exhibition showing a cross-section of his collection. Guest of honor district mayor Guido Déus and association chairman Carl Jakob Bachem expressed their gratitude for this rarity. Philatelist Marco Müller, curator ... Read More

Indulgence for Vilich

The city of Bonn recently came into possession of a letter of indulgence from 1329 found in Nijmegen, issued for the Vilich monastery. Dr. Yvonne Leiverkus, deputy city archivist of Bonn, came across another indulgence letter from the same year during her research on it, which had been in the archives unnoticed until now. She reported on these documents and the indulgence system in the Middle Ages in ... Read More

Book presentation of prehistoric and early historic finds

Booklet 10 of the association's edition "Denkmal und Geschichte im rechtsrheinischen Bonn" (Monument and History in Bonn on the Right Bank of the Rhine) was presented at the Beuel Town Hall. In it, the Bonn archaeology expert Hans-Eckart Joachim gives a compact overview of "Remarkable prehistoric and early historic finds and sites in Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine" - from the Oberkasselmenschen to the sensational excavations of recent years in the Bonner Bogen and in Vilich-Müldorf. Information about the book

Resolution on Bonn place names

At its annual general meeting on 21 November 2018, the Monument and History Society adopted a resolution in which it appeals to politicians, administrators and citizens to take special measures to safeguard the future of Bonn's historically inherited place names. Especially the coming commemorative year of the municipal reorganization 50 years ago should be an occasion to give special attention to the consolidation of the place name tradition characteristic of the "village-rich" ... Read More

Monument protection for the Beuel parish cemetery

The Denkmal-und Geschichtsverein Bonn-Rrh. has asked the city of Bonn to check the parish cemetery of Beuel for its worthiness as a monument. The Monument and History Society Bonn-Rrh. has asked the monument authority of the city of Bonn to check the parish cemetery of Beuel for its worthiness as a monument. The parish-owned cemetery of the catholic parish St.Josef and Paulus Beuel, located in the street triangle Sankt Augustiner-, Combahn- and Kreuzstraße, is currently in ... Read More

Display boards for the Vilich church

Information about the eventful history of the Vilich church of St. Peter is now displayed on three display boards in the entrance area. They were designed by the chairman of the monument association Carl J. Bachem, who unveiled them during a ceremony. In the context of the presentation of a recently found Vilich foundation charter from the year 1329 by the deputy head of the city archive Dr. Y. Leiverkus, the chairman of the monument association ... Read More

Book edition about the Dominikus-Böhm-Church in Beuel

Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine has a building by the famous church builder Dominikus Böhm - the Church of St. Paul in Beuel-Ost. Because it is widely unknown, the Monument and History Society Bonn-Rrh. has now published a publication about it, which was presented in conjunction with a guided tour of the church. Author is the cultural historian Dorothee Haentjes-Holländer from Beuel. The richly illustrated book, about 100 pages strong, ... Read More

French Matinée in Beuel

The Monument Association celebrated the 55th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty with a matinée in the Bürgermeister-Stroof-Haus followed by an organ concert with French works in the neighbouring Vilich parish church of St. Peter. The matinée was attended by four students from St. Adelheid-Gymnasium, who were exchange students in France and spoke about their intercultural experiences. Picture credits: SAG

Exhibition opening millennium flood in Beuel

In 1784 Beuel was hit by a catastrophic ice flood. The Beuel geodesist and historiographer Manfred Spata went on the trail of this tragedy and recorded his findings in a concise form, but with rich illustrations, in a book published by the Denkmal- und Geschichtsverein. This the association presented until the end of February 2018 at a special exhibition with other exhibits on this millennium flood. As a permanent reminder ... Read More